News & Updates

1/1/08 - A few minor updates to RLPassWeb and a few improvements on the main site. Also, PrivoxySwitcher has now been deprecated in favor of a detailed set of instructions on installing multiple instances of Privoxy, in order to work with the new Tor bundle, which also installs and updates Privoxy. Additionally, all of the older scripts (shell/perl/applescript) have been moved to the Unsupported Products page, and all support for them is now discontinued. Support is currently provided for the latest revisions of the web scripts, as well as the Privoxy multi-instance setup documentation.

6/18/05 - A new script has been added to the Products page: the PrivoxySwitcher shell script provides an easy way to enable/disable the Tor routing proxy, while still keeping Privoxy enabled for all of your web traffic. Also, minor updates were made to the index, as well as the about and feedback/support pages.

6/9/05 - Wow... quite a while between updates! Anyway, MungePass has now been updated to version 1.1, which adds a new interface and the MungeDict algorithm for easy password creation from word lists or any passages of text. Also added a small newline truncation program that assists in converting new wordlists to work with MungePass. In addition, a few changes and clarifications have been made to the website.

5/27/04 - A new type of natural-language password generator, called MungePass has been added to the site for initial testing.

4/9/04 - A couple of new programs have been added to the site: FAMAE, a set of tripwire scripts, and OSX-compatible and online versions of Cryptogrammer. Some minor cleanup on the main page, added a few more links.

1/17/04 - A new version of RLPassWeb, v1.3, is now up on the website, featuring a new password-generation algorithm.

12/18/03 - A new suite of programs, the IncBackup scripts, are now available.

6/24/03 - Debug version of ASCIIWeb 1.0.3 added to the Unsupported page. A few other minor website fixes.

6/21/03 - A new version of RLPassWeb, v1.2, is now up on the website, with a number of new features.

3/26/03 - A new version of ASCIIWeb, v1.0.3, is now up on the website. All old versions of ASCIIWeb are still up for web access. Minor changes to the products page.

1/25/03 - A few updates, nothing too big. Fixed the problem with the missing RLPassWeb files, and added a few more notes to it, and ASCIIWeb. Made a few updates/clarifications to the Products page.

12/26/02 - Fairly big update. Added in ASCIIEnc 2.0 in Perl, a kind of useful program that I finished the coding on today. Also updated the about page, as well as the product descriptions. Updates and new contact info in the online manuals. ASCIIWeb 2.0 has been postponed indefinitely, as the Perl CGI would require transmitting passwords in the clear to the server-side program, and it is unclear whether this problem can be resolved in the current scripting environment. Asciiweb 1.0.2 has now been tested, and shown to work under Windows XP.

12/25/02 - New page up for unsupported and alpha programs - added short perl script and archives of most useful TI-83 programs. Download totals updated. Updated feedback form for, updated PGP key from old one that was revoked. More programs coming soon.

7/7/02 - New, cross-platform versions of ASCIIWeb and ASCIIStatic are up.

3/5/02 - A few quick updates - updated total download counts, fixed the CGI on the feedback page, so it should fnally work - also updated to a new, more secure PGP key. Also coming close to finishing my C++ class, so I should have some "real" programs in the works in the near future.

2/5/02 - Extremely lazy updates on the news page! Moved to a new server, upped some new programs, wrote a little more on the about page. Major additions: RLPassword, RLPassWeb, AsciiWeb. Topped 10000 downloads in 2001! Look for some code improvements and maybe some real programs (not just scripts) coming soon.

2/24/00 - ASCIIEnc 1.3 is released, along with Steg 1.0. Major code consolidations, the Time Stamp program finally ready for prime time, and easier to use than ever! Also, some shaved code should decrease encoding time slightly. Look forward to more improvements and an expanded TI archive in the near future!

2/16/00 - New CTGC 1.5 released - everything combined down into one application! Now features text links and file size displays! Also, topped 5000 downloas on VT - hard to believe, but true!

2/3/00 - Cryptogrammer is released, after many days of struggling with the code.

2/2/00 - Theta Pi Website gets an overhaul! I decided to post the renovation all in one go, so that there wouldn't be any "Under Construction" signs hanging around to haunt me. Anyway, the website's now in version 2.0, with further updates as needed. RLPass 1.0.1 is released, with a quick fix to allow password export to the clipboard. A more feature-rich version should hopefully be arriving in the near future.