AsciiWeb 1.1

    AsciiWeb is a moderately secure algorithm for encrypting text messages for privacy or secure transmission. Originally the Theta Encryption System, the algorithm was initially designed to secure messages anywhere using a TI-83 calculator. This is the algorithm's third iteration. This version has been modified to enhance compatibility across different computing platforms.
    AsciiWeb is loosely based on the Vignere cipher, but with the improvement of using 94 characters instead of 26, as well as iterative encryption with dynamically shifting passphrase. For more information, please see the ASCIIWeb Manual. If you are looking for a good way to generate passphrases to use for encryption programs like this, you can also try RLPassWeb.

Step 1 - Enter a Password (bulleted):

or... Enter a Longer Passphrase (visible):

NOTE: In a vignere-based cipher, such as this one, the longer the passphrase, the more secure it is. For maximum security, use the code-block generator below after typing in your plaintext to create a one-time pad.

Step 1.5 - Enter a 1 for Bulleted Password or 0 for Passphrase:

Step 2 - Enter the message you want to en/decrypt:

Step 3 - Please enter a 1 to encrypt or a 0 to decrypt:

Step 4 - Enter Iterations (how many times to cycle algorithm, less = faster, more = more secure):

Step 5: En/Decrypt

Script Status:

Extra Options: | Num. Chars: Lowercase?

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