What is RLPassword?

RLPassword is a program designed to create random passwords for internet accounts and applications. However, unlike standard random generation password programs, RLPassword attempts to create real language passwords, or passwords that can be easily spoken and pronounced. These passwords do not represent actual words, and so are invulnerable to a dictionary-attack, but because they seem like a word, they are much easier to remember than a string of random characters.

How do I use the program?

When you open the program, you will be prompted to enter the number of characters you want your password to be. Next, you will be given an option of how you want the password to be generated. Cons/Vowel Pair simply generates individual syllables every two letters, and works well for passwords of 10 characters or less. Real Language attempts to form more realistic-sounding words, and works well for longer passwords.

What are the limitations of the program?

Right now, you can only generate passwords up to 255 characters in length, due to dialog box restrictions, but that should be more than enough for most standard passwords. Also, keep in mind that RLPassword only generates alphabetic passwords. For maximum security, your password should have both upper and lower cases, as well as numbers and special symbols. However, the passwords generated should be secure enough for general use, although not recommended for PGP passphrases.

Do I have to register RLPassword?

RLPassword is provided free of charge, and may be redistributed as long as the readme is included. However, please send any comments you have on the program to windowssux@yahoo.com.

Version Info

v1.0.1 - quick feature upgrade - now you can copy the password to the clipboard.

v1.0 - first release.


©2000 David Kibrick.

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